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Dr. Kalyani Date

Dr. Suwarna Datar has been so much to me during the past many years. I first made her acquaintance as her lab-mate when I joined a research group that she was also part of. She then was a doting senior while I completed my doctoral studies. She became a mentor and guide when she took me under her wings as a research assistant to work on one of her projects. She has continued to be a friend, a confidant and a source of inspiration even after we ended our academic relationship. I am truly grateful for her enriching presence in my life.

Dr. Anupama Joshi

Dr. Suwarna Datar is more than a guide or a mentor for me. Pursuing a Ph.D is difficult and sometime lonely path. But, in my case this was not true. Ma’am was always by my side whenever I needed her help. Throughout my PhD, I had numerous discussions with Ma’am where we spent hours discussing various issues ranging from my research to daily issues and advices. Best feature of her unique character is being a great listener. She was always there to listen and gave me sincere advice/feedback about anything I planned. She spent countless hours proof-reading my research and discussing new research ideas. She never doubted my capabilities and always motivated me. She guided me on how to do research and gave me plenty of opportunities to present my work at numerous conferences. She also taught me various important life lessons which are proving to be very helpful to me in my career.

Dr. Abraham Samson

I first met Dr. Suwarna Datar as a postgraduate student while working on my PG dissertation. She gladly accepted me as her student when I wanted to pursue my doctoral studies. Though the relationship was purely academic during the initial years, she has come to be one of the most influential and caring mentors I have had. Her mannerisms, outlook and temperament have had a positive effect on me over the years and have transformed me for the better. My sincere gratitude and appreciation for her continued guidance and counsel all these years, even after I finished my PhD program!

Mr. Manish Mony

Wish you a very happy birthday ma'am,


DIAT was one  the best thing happen to me andI had the opportunity to do project under one of the most prominent facilities in the Institute: Suwarna ma'am! She is everything what an ideal guru is..a mentor, leader, inspiration, guide. I will always cherish  these wonderful memories with ma'am and the entire team.. In fact I should say our family, which could not be possible without ma'am who could create such a bond with and between students..

Thank you for always being there for us.

Ms. Varsha Vijayan

To a truly inspiring person and a truly great mentor, 

Happy Birthday, Ma'am!

Thank you for the guidance, care and happiness you have showered upon me during the great journey of two years at DIAT and beyond. Being a constant source of support from the beginning, you have given a new definition for a great teacher.

I wish you a very happy birthday and a lifetime of happiness.

Ms. Sree Spoorthy 

Dear Suwarna Datar ma'am,

I'm forever grateful for your support and guidance throughout my stay at the University. Also, I must thank you for making sure that I feel comfortable throughout the project. From the bottom of the heart, I wish you abundant happiness, good health and love. Happy birthday Ma'am!

Mr. A. Kashyap

I had know Dr. Suwarna Datar since 2013. Ma'am helped me to identify my goals and guided me to have the best career. I am lucky to have such a guide and will always be grateful to her.

Ms. Jilma Gopinath

Whenever I think of Suwarna Ma'am,the first thing that comes into my mind is Ma'am's big smile and the positive energy. Ma'am is a great mentor and a wonderful human being. Ma'am has always encouraged me to pursue my passion. I'm so lucky to have a mentor like you.

Mr. Atul Mishra

I completed my M. Tech project and 1 year reasearch fellowship under the guidance of Dr. Suwarna Datar ma'am, I am currently working as an Executive Engineer at Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. Working in Datar ma'am's lab was a great experience and an opportunity to engage and initiate in multiple research topics and collaborations. Ma'am always encouraged us to explore new fields in order to get a broader perspective and bring together new ideas and methods in order to solve interesting problems. I feel that this freedom and creativity to think out side the box have better me as a researcher and it also helped me during my current job. Datar Ma'am always made sure to make the lab environment (in and outside the lab) welcoming and comfortable, and she was very approachable whenever we needed her help. We had daily lab gathering with ma'am in evening on coffee discussion with daily progress of lab works.

In addition, I made really good friends. The seniors very always very helpful. We had lab gatherings regularly to celebrate birthdays and we had get-togethers for various other occasions. I always enjoyed the conversations we had during these gatherings.

I hope for more successes coming to Dr. Suwarna Datar Ma'am and her group.

Ms. Pooja Goyal

Hello everyone. I am Pooja Goyal, M tech (Sensor Technology (LEOC)) 2018 pass out. Since the beginning of my course, Prof. Datar was my favorite and the love and admiration has only grown thereafter. It was because of her that I become interested in the nanotechnology domain and did my M.Tech project under her guidance. It was one the most important, memorable and educative experiences of my life. Ma'am guided me at every step of the project but made sure it was not mere spoon feeding. We made errors, conducted many experiments and analysis , all in the process to understand and learn. She made sure to support me through encouragement and corrected me whenever I strayed. Her labs, equipment, and the research teams are the best and have the best people in them. She is one of the most humble, intelligent, warm and relatable academics I have come across.

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