Research Scholars

Dr. Anupama Joshi

Thesis Title: Graphene nanoribbon based hybrid materials and its applications

Current Position: Senior Research Scientist, Gegadyne Energy

Dr. Sanghamitra Acharya

Thesis Title: Carbon Nanocomposites for Electromagnetic Shielding Application

Current Position: Assistant Professor

Dr. Abraham Sampson

Thesis Title: Design and Development of Quartz Tuning Fork Sensor Array System/Prototype for Vapor Phase Detection of  Volatile Organic Compounds.

Current Position: Assistant Professor, School of Electrical Engineering, VIT University

Dr. Rajesh Gangwar

Thesis Title: Nano Gold and nano silica based conjugates for improved  bioavailability of curcumin and enhanced catalytic activity

Current Position: Joint Director, Department of Science and Technology, Government of UP

Research Associates & Fellows

Dr. Kalyani S Date


Current Position:

Scientific Officer

Surface Modification Technologies Ltd.

Mr. Atul Mishra


Current Position:  

Assistant Executive Engineer,


Mr. Appigatla Kashyap


Current Position: 

Senior Executive (R&D)

Uniphos Envirotronics Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Shadab Siddique


Current Position:  Assistant Professor


Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (D.U.), Girinagar,  Pune, Maharashtra- 411025